Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not much change.

Little of the same today. The mornings seem to suck but once I get up and moving the stiffness goes away and I feel great. Movement. That's the key. Can't give up moving if you want to stay active. Sounds like simple common sense but looking at a set of stairs when you're MS is kicking your ass... not that easy then.

A little sore today, I think because of a combination of Meds and Judo. I actually made it in a little late but I had a decent workout. I like how working out makes your body forget things. It focuses your mind and I can always just go for a run if I'm feeling like jumping out ' my skin, ya know? Brings me back to breathing. Simple breathing. For Zen and long life. :)

But I'm just getting ready to go sailing right now. Have a race to win. Gotta take some pain killers, tie up some sails and have a blast! Gotta keep moving. Gotta keep moving. That's the thing.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well after a good month of feeling amazing the MS has finally caught up with me. At least I managed to get my brown belt. That's a big accomplishment so I'm happy about that. Today I'm dealing with a ton of pain in my left leg. It's gone spastic and the muscles have stretched out my tendons and I can't stretch my foot out like normal. I can walk, albeit a little painfully, but I doubt I'd be much good for running, biking, swimming, or judo. Which sucks because I love doing all that stuff.

My weight is good, whatever my shape has been saying. I must have lost muscle and gained my weight back in bad weight. Damn it. That's all I have to say about that.

Breathing has been a little difficult the last few days, but today it is quite clear out. It must have been the shit weather causing the discomfort. That was making me a little depressed for a couple of days. But the sun seems to have cleared most of that up. Just have to deal with pain for now.

I also have a slight ear infection. I noticed I couldn't hear as well out of my left ear and I had a sore throat the last few days. It's probably from swimming or something. But anyway, it's not bothering me that much, just a little bit of a nuisance. Of course all these little nuisances add up to major problems in the end. Maybe I will make an appointment.

...As I'm making appointments, I have to get in touch with the clinic--my prescription of Rebif is almost out! EEK! And I have to locate a doctor in Montreal before I go. All this stuff I have to do. 4 weeks and I'm a Quebecer! Yay!!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


How many people with MS find themsleves, a year and a half after diagnosis, preparing for a Brown Belt in Judo? I don't know the answer to that, but I'm glad to say I am. Despite being blind in one eye and having a ton of other symptoms, I'm still Alive (Pearl Jam reference - thanks Jamie.)

This disease will never run me. Never dominate me. Never stop me from being what I was supposed to become. Never stop me from competing. Never stop me from being active. And I will never stop living with it, fighting it, accepting it for what it is, turning the other cheek when I'm knocked to the ground.

Vive le resistance, vive la vie, vive moi!

And I have 30 min to get to Judo class so I have to stop there!