Thursday, January 26, 2006

The horribleness of being me.

Aweful is how I describe my health. I am currently under constant duress from a nagging sinus condition which is inflamed again and I'm suffering from extreme headaches. Interfuron damage seems eminant as well, keep your fingers crossed there. I've been skipping alot of blood work sessions just because of not feeling good. I require copious amounts of sleep lately and I had a few lapses into depression this week (my appologies have already been made to the present parties during said replapses).

A growing number of concerns is keeping me from living to the fullest. I can only hope some alliviation of these horrible symptoms will occur presently, if not, soon please.

I had to begin using new needle sights as the wear and tear on my body from the needles is starting to show. Also of concern is that I have put on some unwanted weight in disturbing areas (well disturbing to me at least) and I am currently processing to many other nodes of information to work on my health and fitness regime although I am still gyming it up and Judo class is still a priority. My muscles are in constant pain and I havne't been able to walk very well for a few days. Some bouts of dizzyness attacks have left me questioning my sanity a few days ago but everything seems in order now.

I guess that is the update for now. Trying to get some work done is like pulling teeth, I'm so lack-luster and unproductive it is actually quite sad. I have to dig deep if I'm going to survive this term. Anyone want a 5 day old sinus headache/migrane?


At 5:59 PM, Blogger Shauna said...

I wish I could take it all away...I really do. All I can say is hang in there, and try to stay positive, and it will get better. Sending you love and healing thoughts,

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

So sorry to hear you're having so many problems. THat sucks. Been there with 5 day migraines. You start to get really depressed because you start wondering if you will EVER feel better again.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger Celeste said...

The orange chair awaits you...need a hug?

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Iain Dughlais said...

I usually do. haha.. I should update this so no one thinks I'm dying.


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