Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dr. Leckey Appt.

Current Meds:
1. Citalopram 10mg once daily

Current Symptoms
Physical: slight tremors in left leg and hand (usually worsens with physical exertion)
Sensory: Optic neuritis in left eye
Psychological (memory/mood): none
Medication side effect?: none

It's always like getting good news when I come back from Dr. Leckey's office. I had wondered about a few different things and today I got some more answers. It turns out that although the ON seems to get worse when I work out I'm not doing any damage to my eye. I can't remember what it is called when you have a heat sensitive reaction to ON but it is quite normal. Dr. Leckey told me it could take between 18 to 24 months for my ON to heal given that it was a very major attack and that I have RRMS (Relapsing-Remitting MS). He also said not to get glasses to solve blurred vision because it will be a fluctuating problem as the ON heals. So it could be some while before I can compete in Judo without the danger of sustaining an injury becuase my lack of vision puts me at a disadvantge when sparring.

We also decided that Rebif is the drug that may benifit me the most. They have sent in the request for the drug and I should be expecting a call from the drug company sometime this week. Sharon said that they are usually pretty quick to get it here. The company will bus it down from Halifax and I'll have to pick it up at the bus station in Sydney. I'll write more about the drug later once I get all the facts on it.

I agreed to participate in a study of the quality of life on the drug which is sponsered by the government. I agreed since the government is picking up the tab for the $20,000 drugs. There will most likely be a series of survey's over the next decade or so as the drugs are relativly new and research is ongoing. I will gladly donate myself and any patient information that may help develop treatments for the disease. However, Rebif is probably the most state-of-the-art treatment available to me.

Dr. Leckey also recomended that I go to the MS society for diet instructions and exercise regimes. He said that its pretty much the same thing that any doctor would tell you to stay healthy. Exercise being more important than diet as no research has found any change in MS relating to diet. Thus there is no "MS Diet" that should be adheared to, but generally keeping oneself in shape and eating right goes a long way regardless of disease. It just seems that now I have a better excuse to keep myself fit than ever (not that I ever really let myself go at any point).

So with all that straightened out, there is no longer a need for me to go to the MS clinic in Halifax. I'm satisfied with the treatment I'm getting and my doctors and hospital support team. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is the general rule I think. So, nothing terribly exciting, just have to wait to get in touch with the drug company who will send nurses to my house to administer the first dose and train me to inject myself. Then I'm off for a series of blood tests once a month for 6 months to check liver functioning, which I have the slips for already. So everything is ready to go. Just awaiting my new medications.


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