Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sight returning!

Current Meds:
1. Citalopram 10mg once daily
2. Lorazepam .5mg at bedtime

Current Symptoms
Physical: None
Sensory: Optic neuritis in left eye
Psychological (memory/mood): none
Medication side effect?: none

I feel fantastic. Except that I noticed how out of shape I am today. Wow. I really need to get back to where I was. I found it hard walking back from the mall. That's terrible, I was in such good shap. But that's not getting me down too much because my sight is returning finally.

Last night before bed I seemed to have my depth perception back again. And the blurred vision in my right eye was almost gone. I did a few visual tests to check my vision and I discovered that I could see a lot more than I could before through my left eye. Colors are still dull but the contours are coming back fast. I can almost make out faces and see cars in the oncoming lane. I'd probably be able to drive again in a few weeks. Thank God! I'd feel so useless if I couldn't do that again. I was driving a lot when I shoudn't have before I left for BC.

I'm also worried alot about my health in the diet and exercise areas. I can't do much about that until I get home. As soon as I clean my place up my first task is to start research and meetings on those areas of my health. Until then, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. I've been avoiding caffine and diet pops, eating lots of fruits and veggies, pastas, avoiding spicy foods as well and alcohol. But the big news is that my vision is way way way better today. I slept very good last night for the first time. I think a little stress has left me. Not being able to see is hard to deal with at times. But all my paitence is paying off as it is slowly getting better day by day. Hopefully it won't be long now.


At 1:56 PM, Blogger Shauna said...

So glad your sight is coming back!! As for the getting in shape and stuff...I think you're doing very well all things considered AND I know when you get home you'll get that all sorted out. Keep up the positive attitude, and the patience :)

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Jessi said...

Glad to hear your sight is coming back baby! I will try and call you today.....its still too earlwy though I think

At 5:20 AM, Blogger Ankhanu said...

Re: the driving thing and feeling useless

John Clarke in the past couple years has experienced seizures where he blacks out for a little while and hasn't been able to drive since the first one. When he's neared the point where he'd be allowed to start driving again, he had another seizure, resetting the time frame he had to wait (6mo. or a year). He loved to drive so it must be driving him batty and would certainly empathize with your position.


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