Thursday, April 06, 2006

updated condition

I've just decided that this will be the blog where logic sits. Just pure logic and fact--no poetry, no guessing, no venting, no musings, on wonderings. Just the facts of how I am, what I'm on, who and what is and isn't helping, etc.

Today: On steady doses of Adivan to keep me sane. It barely works I'm sorry to say.
My body has been in a crisis mode for 5 or 6 days now, I can't remember. And it isn't improving. New light has been shed this day on said condition:

Tests: Had ECG done early today and more bloodwork on thyroid functioning.

Possible prognosis: Hyperthyroid might be causing the rapid heart beat which in turn may be cuase the panic attacks and other related phenomenon.

My mental state is in continual flux. There is an insane amount of stress on my mind and body at the prospect of another disease or heart condition to deal with and just the physical discomfort and piling end of term work is enough to make anyone crack.

My physical discomforts have been ruling my life this week and anyone who sees me probably wouldn't recognize me because of my anxious traits and mannerisms--also in a state of flux.

I'm praying for some test results soon followed by a working treatment or just plain relief from these terrible terrible debilitating symptoms.

In durress and very sedated


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