Thursday, March 09, 2006

juz lucky I guess.

Scary morning. I had a very high fever and I was vomiting. I dehydrated pretty bad and ended up layed out on the bathroom floor covered in water to cool me down. So into the reginal I go. I knew dr farrell was going to be trouble. He barely looked at me and sent me home with a perscription last night that nearly killed me this morning.

But wait, here's the best part. I meet Dr Currie at the hospital, young doctor. Doesn't like the look of my dehydratioin so orders a liter of fluid for me through I.V. and something to get rid of the nausia. Which is fine excpet that it the same stuff that doctor in Victoria gave and made me coo coo for 30 min. Which by the way I'm still suffering from. Hopefully it won't last much longer. I swore I'd never take that stuff again... had I know what it was I would have refused it. Terrible.

Here is the best part. Tom, the nurse, couldn't get a vein to work to save his life. 3 really painfull holes in my arm later he finally got it. Collapsed veins are trademark of dehydration. This all makes me lucky I guess. :S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S

Make it stop.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Shauna said...

I'm starting to get angry at Cape Breton doctors. Maybe I don't want to move home after all...seems like it's a recipe for disaster to live in a place where the doctor's do such things. Sorry that's not very positive. But my emotions have to get released somehow!

Hopefully that's your last brush with such sickness for a long, long while. I love you and wish you didn't have to go through this. I'll talk to you me if you need or want to...
Shama xoxoxoxoxo

At 8:58 AM, Blogger ash said...

jesus...what the hell is wrong with the medical community anyway? (except of course my mom:) That sucks!!! I'm inclined to agree with Shauna on this one. I don't have a lot of faith in Cape Breton healthcare in general. Although there are a few exceptions,(my Dr. hasn't given me bad advise or the runaround...yet) as a whole it's kind of scary. When my niece was three she had gotten ill adn the first doctor at outpations told us it was just a flu. My mom didn't beleive that was true because we have a history in our family of appendix problems and she was able to get another opinion (which if you're a nurse is easier to do). When they took her into the operating room to take out her appendix they found that the problem was not appendix but that a section of her bowel collapsed. Its a rare thing to happen to toddlers. Luckily she had a great children's doctor on hand and she didn't have to be taken to Halifax. So, yeah..I guess that story show that there are some good medical experts around...but if my mom hadn't pushed, my niece wouldn't be with us today...
anyway, feel better:)))

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Celeste said...

Douglas: I hope you are feeling better. Just thinking about you. peace, Celeste


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