Friday, April 07, 2006

say goodbye to doug for the weekend.

Looks like I'm off to la la land for quite a while.
I was to see Dr. Christians today, and we discovered that my bloodwork is fine. It is all stress. So he told me not to write my exams and gave me documents to get out of it. He is also putting me back on Celexa, our trial of me toughing it out is over and considering my pressent situation, I need it to mellow me out. I'm the type of person that keeps chugging through everything and needs to stop! Before I kill myself. So then he gives me yet another perscriptiong for Adivan, big doses this time, which is supposed to knock me out. If I wake up, I am to take another one and pass out again. He wants me to sleep the weekend. Sleep is the best tranquilizer he says and if you sleep all weekend the anxiety should come down. And now that I don't have the pressure of school, I have some time to finally think about myself. And I might actually be feeling well enough to go to Ottawa. So if you can't get in touch with me in the next few days, I'm not around.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Louisa said...

*hug* sweet dreams, i hope you feel rejeuvenated after your sleep-a-thon. Apparently we will need to install and exhaustion meter on you so that you take the hint sooner that you need to incorporate chill time into all you do :P

Love ya,


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