Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rebif Side Effects

Current Meds:
1. Rebif injection 3 times a week (M W F)
2. Tylonol (With Rebif shot and as needed)
3. Citalopram 10mg
4. Adovan (When needed)

Current Symptoms
Physical: not too much beyond fatigue
Sensory: Optic neuritis in left eye
Psychological (memory/mood): not too bad
Medication side effect?: flu-like stuff.

I woke up this morning and I couldn't move. Actually the first time I woke up was at about 3:30 am. When my alarm went off it was a struggle to get to it. I couldn't move. I was kind of scared. I was so sore and in a lot of pain and I just couldn't keep my eyes open. As soon as I got to the alarm and turned it off I feel asleep again. I wasn't able to get up until about noon, after I had missed my morning class and my UP class that I was supposed to teach. I hope my students just figured I wasn't coming after about 10 minutes, cuz I couldn't even get to a phone to call someone to tell them. That made me think I should get a longer pone cord and get it into my room next to my bed in case I need help like that again.

I'm almost feeling better now. That was a wicked reaction today. I'm wondering when my body will adjust to this stuff. Sooner than later would be good.

Dr. Dorar signed my forms today for disability (where it concerns my student loans). Hopefully that will go through, and they will get back to me with grant money very soon.

Dr. Cristian wants to try a different drug, a more pure form of Celexa. He thinks it may help me more as it is more powerful yet has less side effects. This is due to when I tried to raise my dose of Celexa and I didn't react to well to it so I went back to my regular dose. He said we can try this at my convience so as to not disrupt my work or anything (as quality of life is the most important thing and I'm more or less at a stable point in my life for now). He said exercise would help too but I haven't been able to get to Judo because of the side effects of Rebif and I don't have much time at school to work in the gym yet. I want to feel a little stronger before I start something like that. Perhaps next week. *Crosses fingers*

So far, that is the story of my day, in bed for most of it, being sick and shivering all morning (I still have a slight fever, I think), feeling gravity pull me into my bed. The trick now is to try and get some reading done without falling asleep.

Cheers. :)


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