Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back again... for how long?

It's been what feels like years since I've updated here. I don't know why I decided to come back except that I am experiencing a great number of medical problems (99% not MS related as far as I know) and I wanted to keep a record of what's going on. Mainly for my sanity I think but also to make sure I don't overlook or forget anything the next time I am at a doctor's office.

First and foremost, I'm in limbo. I have no family doctor and I've had trouble getting one. Same deal with the Neurologist, although I do have an app with one next spring in Montreal. So I've been surviving by going to clinics when I need too.

Enough of that, here's what is going on now:
nasty eye infection in both eyes - I figure I got it from my contacts because I've been getting sloppy with my hand washing, in fact I don't to it all anymore so that explains how it spread. Where it comes from take your pick, this week I've swam in a dirty lake, been around children... who knows. I got and I'm using some antibiotic eye drops I got from a doctor at a clinic here in Prince Albert, Sask. Oh yeah, I'm in PA by the way. Until Monday. Been here all summer... long story.

I have tinnitus in my left ear from where the above doctor scraped wax out of my ear with crazy metal thing causing trauma of some type. He started the right ear but it hurt so bad I stopped him. And now my right ear can't handle pressure - it pains like crazy. Which is very bad timing on my part because I'm flying home to NS in about 32 hours. I hope all this ear stuff heals before then. Unlikely. That flight is going to be the worst ever.

The reason he was poking around my ears was to check for infection because I have a nasty throat infection which I'm taking an antibiotic for. That's doing a lot better though. Through the worst of it I think, but it's left we weekend and tired and mentally drained.

These things are being dealt with, however. This one isn't until I get home:

About 2 weeks ago I had a really bad pimple on my body, I tried to pop it but made it so worse. I didn't pop and I was left in a lot of pain. The pain eventually subsided after a few days but it left a painful lump with a rash. It is not mostly healed but around the area of original zit I have about 30 more smaller ones that seem to come and then look like they are getting better but then they don't. And even worse it's spreading. Right now all of this area is nothing more than a pest, itching a lot and looking rather displeasing to me. I've been obsessed with it, tying to find out what it could be online. Everything I found led me crazy assumptions of what it is. I still don't really know but it's my top priority after all this other stuff is taken care of. I have to get it before it gets way out of control. I should have dealt with this when it first happened but again why I didn't is a long story.

Finally, I have an appointment that was a summer in the making, I noticed a hard cyst where there shouldn't be one and I have an appointment for an ultra sound on the 25th of August. Hopefully this isn't cancer.

Despite all that I believe I've been experiencing lost of small MS symptoms. Sensitive skin, painful to the touch and some shooting pain through old MS areas. Nothing I can't handle. I expected worse to tell you the truth, I've been lucky this far that nothing serious has happened with my MS since the major one a few years ago. Go me. If I could just go to the doctor when I fist notice something, maybe I wouldn't end up with multiple infections. Will I ever learn.

I hope so. From now on I'm going to do something and I'm not going to feel like a burden on the health care system. I have a right to my health in this country, I'm going to embrace it.

I still can't believe I let it get this far out of my hands. All of it. This is just ridiculous. No more procrastination on health issues. I swear I'm going to be the death of me.


At 4:53 PM, Blogger Richie said...

Hi Doug thanks for the comment on my blog- you were having a hell of a time when you posted last. I hope things are going a bit better now.
Take care


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